Abortion Workers

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Abortion Workers

Child abusers send their victims to the abortion clinic to conceal their crime; the clinic asks no questions and the girls are 'fixed' and returned to more abuse. Pimps enslave and beat the girls and send them for abortions only to get them back on the game as soon as possible.

As a society, we close our eyes to these things, yet they are widespread through the towns and cities of our country. We should not be afraid to face and speak the truth; it is the only way for anyone to be free from these evils.

Here are some common scenarios:

  1. I know people who work in the local clinic and they are really nice, kind people.

    Quote from receptionist at a clinic in England “I don't want that information because I feel if I read it my job would be compromised”

    Men and women work in the abortion industry, and they manage to function by a number of strategies. Some are so hardened by exposure to the daily reality that they hardly know what the truth is. Some who are not involved so deeply may refuse to think about what is going on. They convince themselves that they are helping or even giving health care even though they see the distress in the recovery room of the women who have endured abortion; even though they know the abuse some of the women are returning to; even though they know that women walk into the clinic every day as mothers of a living unborn child, and walk out the mother of a dead baby.


    You can pray

    Lord, it is so difficult to think that my friend is involved in this kind of work. I do not want to judge my friend. However, his/her life must be really quite stressful if that is going on every day at work, and when they come home, it is a bit of a secret really. I want to be a good friend and be helpful. I am going to pray for an opportunity to talk honestly and see if I can offer help. I want to be like Jesus who said that He did not come to judge but to save. I mean, who would really want a job like that? Please give me opportunities to talk and wisdom to know what to say. Also, I need courage to hear what my friend might share with me. Lord, I need You in this.

    Lord I need You (song)

  2. I was shocked to find out what abortion doctors do – one of my friends does this work

    It is important to recognise that some people can be trapped in evil. They may change in the future. There are doctors who use their skills to end the life in the womb, and later in the same day are fighting to save the life of a premature baby. Yet even these can be set free. It might be you.

    You might be required to perform abortions by the terms of your profession.

    '...the strange kind of “schizophrenic” behaviour of medical professionals as they switch gears between wanted and unwanted babies'


    Abortion Providers & Clinic Workers (support `for abortion workers)

    If you are an abortion provider or clinic worker and are reading this page, please know that it was made especially for you. Investigators with The Center for Medical Progress have spent more time studying, interacting with, and just listening to abortion providers than almost anyone else.

    If you want help leaving the abortion industry, we can do our best to connect you with the resources to do so. If something has happened or is happening in your clinic that you need to get off your chest, we are here to listen.


    You can pray

    Lord God I have lived for too long in this confusion, not wanting to think about these things.

    My heart is hard. It is difficult for me to face up to how I have been making my living. It is just a job; I have a family to support. I am afraid to let myself admit what I am involved in. I have all the excuses, all the arguments. It is a service for the girls and women who are not happy with their situation. It is a hard choice that I make for them and they should thank me for it because I often have to shield them from the decision. And yet so many lives ended. Lives created to bring joy and happiness. Even an early miscarriage causes emotional turmoil to the parents. I cannot bear to think of the misery I have brought into so many lives. I have told myself it was what they wanted, but I am still troubled. And I am left alone, in torment. Where can I go from these troubling thoughts? How can I find peace? The burden is so heavy and you know the steps I have to take to deal with my feelings. You know how the pressure builds up. Is there any hope for someone like me? I do not know where else to turn. Please Jesus show me there is hope. I have nowhere else to turn to. I long to be clean, God – could the cross be for me? Could Jesus forgive my sin? Help me! You are my only hope.

    Just as I am (song)

  3. I/my friend works in the prostitution industry

    Child abusers send their victims to the abortion clinic to conceal their crime; the clinic asks no questions and the girls are 'fixed' and returned to more abuse.

    Pimps enslave and beat the girls and send them for abortions only to get them back on the game as soon as possible.

    Yet we all have a desire towards the good. We are all created in the image of God. No one is in hell so deep that God’s grace in Jesus cannot find them. I pray that if you are reading this the Holy Spirit will reveal your need of forgiveness and new life. I pray that you will seek help. That you will escape from the prison of your life and hold on to Jesus.

    You can pray

    You know, God. Only You know the steps that have led me to this day. Only you know the path that I have been on since my birth.The reasons I never really felt like I had a choice. How difficult it has been to resist, how weak and frightened I have been. I still am. I am ashamed that I have frightened and bullied others weaker than myself. Lord God you know what I have done! I am still doing it! Are you really stronger that the things that hold me captive? Can I really trust in you – a wretch like me? O help me, I have nothing to lose. I put my hand in yours, in the hand of Jesus, where the nail held you to the cross. You are a hero. You are brave. Hold on to me and take me through these next days and weeks. You know the dangers I face. I trust in You.

    Hope for the hopeless (Song)

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