When a woman has an abortion it can seem like ice has entered her heart. She wants to be warm and loving but finds herself – against her will – acting harshly or being mean. She wants to reach out to her children but it seems that there is a barrier she can't overcome. It is good to recognise this as soon as possible; it may go hand in hand with other difficulties like drink or promiscuity, different fathers in the one family. Do not let this continue until the children are grown but honestly face the damage to your emotions and seek healing.

You can pray:

I'm afraid. I feel I don't deserve another child because of what I've done. All the time that little dead baby is in my mind (I wouldn't admit this to many people) and it makes me feel disloyal if I'm loving to my other children when I denied my aborted baby life itself. I don't really understand myself, I don't want to go on like this. Please Jesus, forgive me; heal my damaged emotions so I can be the mother my children need.


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