This is a common symptom of post abortion syndrome. When this is recognised it is easier to deal with. This is a response to the loss of your baby. However, because society minimises what you have lost it is difficult for you to mourn. It is very unsettling to be swept away on a tide of unrecognised feelings, and to feel out of control. Specific post abortion counselling can be very helpful. Counselling where the trauma of the loss that you have suffered is not usually helpful as it reinforces the belief that there is nothing to mourn for.

You can pray:

Help me! It seems so dark and hopeless. I feel so alone. Jesus! I'm not sure if you would help me, or even if you can because I'm in such a mess. Nothing seems to make sense. Have pity on me. Others seem to manage, what is wrong with me? Shine your light on me, I need you so much.


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