Many women have experienced this and have found it very confusing. It has happened both to women who were not happy about the abortion and to women who felt very sure that it was the best thing to do. This experience can cause a woman to question whether she was suppressing her true feelings because of the great difficulties she thought going ahead with the pregnancy would bring into her life.

Some women have wondered whether the scream came not from them, but through them from the baby as it's life ended. Because of this many women have realised that the aborted fetus was not just a lump of cells but a real human being. In order to live with this it can be very helpful to write a letter or poem to your baby.

You can pray:

When I remember that time it is all so jumbled and difficult. I think I withdrew from everything and let go of the true responsibility that I should have kept, the responsibility to keep my baby safe. Oh God, you know the reasons that I made the decision I did, how it was the best for everyone, I thought about everyone except my poor little baby, and it's awful to consider how my little one must have suffered. Jesus you said that the kingdom of heaven was for the little ones, if you can please take my baby and give peace and healing to it. I am so sorry. 


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